Sunday, November 26, 2006

GOP leaving spending bills to Democrats

Associated Press Writer

Republicans vacating the Capitol are dumping a big spring cleaning job on Democrats moving in. GOP leaders have opted to leave behind almost a half-trillion-dollar clutter of unfinished spending bills,
There's also no guarantee that Republicans will pass a multibillion-dollar measure to prevent a cut in fees to doctors treating Medicare patients.
The bulging workload that a Republican-led Congress was supposed to complete this year but is instead punting to 2007 promises to consume time and energy that Democrats had hoped to devote to their own agenda upon taking control of Congress in January for the first time in a dozen years.


With a jaundiced view, one might think this is an attempt to stonewall or bottle-up the new Democrat majority.

We in The Whirlpool, however, choose to believe that "thinking Republicans" (no oxymoron intended) know that Democrats can be trusted with the spending bills more than the Spendaholic Republicans.

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