Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Truth Finally Catches Up to an Ann Coulter Lie

In Treason, her best-selling masturbatory salute to McCarthyism, Ann Coulter wrote,

"(Sheryl) Crow explained that the 'best way to solve problems is to not have enemies.' War solves that problem too: We won't have any enemies because we're going to kill them. Crow warned of 'huge karmic retributions that will follow.' She seemed not to understand that America going to war is huge karmic retribution. They killed three thousand Americans and now they're going to die." -- Ann Coulter, P. 248

Even the simple-minded (GW) agree that Iraq had nothing to do with the Criminal 9/11 attacks, but that didn’t stop Ann Coulter.

As evidenced in Brainless by Joe Maguire, an Ann Coulter lie is as common as an Adam's Apple joke. But, it is rare when we know the exact point that reality finally caught up to an Ann Coulter lie. It’s now. "They" (Iraq) finally killed three thousand Americans. Name pending was # 3000. I doubt his family wins a prize for that distinction, but it must be a little better than being 2999 or 3001 (Rich Smith).

Many Iraqis have already died. It appears that many more will before Bush’s War ends.

The score now is something like, "Ann Coulter Truth – 1/ AC Lie – bazillions", but who’s counting?

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