Friday, March 02, 2007

GOP Hypocrite of the Week - Sean Hannity

BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

Sean Hannity gets paid well for being a Republican shill of the privileged class on FOX News. Unlike Bill O'Reilly’s buffoonish rough edges, Hannity is as smooth as silk in selling the GOP Kool-Aid to the naïve and the true believers.

He's like a suave magician. You've got to admire his sleight of hand, even if lives are at stake, and venom and hate underlie his confident, specious attacks that come off like a reborn Ollie North.

Except Ollie North (however despicable a character he is) actually served in the military. Sean Hannity – like his idols Dick Cheney and George W. Bush – lets others do the dying for his "The World Belongs to Wealthy Americans" Rupert Murdoch FOX News ideology.

Oh yeah, Hannity couches his unctuous diatribes in logical fallacies and faux patriotic phrasing that appeals to working class stiffs, but basically Hannity is a multi-millionaire shill coward.

A college dropout, Hannity had ample time to join the military during Gulf War I, but he never did. Like Bush, he is a cheerleader for other people taking the bullets without risking his own life.

And as a BuzzFlash analysis of the war dead recently revealed, "But 23 [U.S. military] men and one woman were at least 50 when they were killed [in the Iraq War], a percentage of total casualties nearly four times higher than in Vietnam."

At 45, Hannity can today fly a private jet (his way of travel for speaking engagements for which he charges tens of thousands of dollars) over to Iraq and join a reserve unit and start shooting away.But he won't; he's into the money, folks, not the valor.

He's the Tokyo Rose of FOX News and lets our GIs put their lives on the line, while he gets paid the big bucks for doing nothing more than shooting off his mouth.

For being an unrelenting coward, Sean Hannity is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

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At 8:47 AM, Blogger jinx protocol said...

Last week on his radio talk show - don't ask me why I was listening to it - he talked about the problems at Walter Reed.

Basically, he was saying, "How come mainstream media outlets never talk about soldiers getting better?

I wish I could have called in. Soldiers are supposed to get better moron. That's not newsworthy. If it were, then we would be in a heap of trouble.

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Stash said...

Hannity is such an ass-hat. I wish Colmes would grow a set and let him have it.


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