Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who Gives a Flying F@#K about Don Imus?

So, Don Imus lost his obnoxious gig at MSNBC. Who cares? There are bigger issues that matter.

Imus called the Rutger's Women's basketball players "Nappy Headed Ho's".

So, what? He has been a scumbag for the many years he's been on the air. Some corporate entity finally decided to quit working with him. Great!

But, no one should act surprised or shocked at Don Imus saying something bad on his program. That's what he did before MSNBC picked him up. That's what he did after MSNBC picked him up. No surprise.

Some Imus tidbits:

* compared the appearance of black NBA players to apes
* called award-winning black New York Times journalist Gwen Ifill "the cleaning lady"
* referred to award-winning black New York Times journalist Bob Herbert as a "quota hire"
* referred to residents of Harlem as "molignans" (the Italian equivalent of "coons")
* referred to the black wife of former Secretary of Defense William Cohen as a "big-haired ho"
* called tennis players Venus and Serena Williams "animals"

And in a July 19, 1998 interview on "60 Minutes," Imus admitted to hiring a producer specifically "to do nigger jokes" for the show.

No one should shed a tear about Don Imus being dumped. But, the event ceased to be important about three minutes after it happened. Move on.

BTW, Jessie (Hymie Town) Jackson should stop calling the kettle black.

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