Friday, May 18, 2007

Three Missing American Soldiers

I want our military forces to leave no stone unturned to find the three missing American soldiers. As the father of a son in the military, my heart is pained for the families of these young men. I hope they get news of their safe return soon.

With that said, one has to wonder what our Commander-in-Chief would say if a press release comes out on some middle eastern website that says, "The three invaders are enemy combatants. They will be held indefinately. They have no rights to attorneys or humanitarian groups. They are not entitled to trials. They are not entitled to protections afforded by our constitution. We will have military tribunals that will decide their fate."

What will our Commander-in-Chief say when they release pictures of these three being forced into naked piles and covered in human waste?

What will he say if we see pictures of them being forced to masturbate each other or with broom sticks shoved up their asses?

What will his response be if we find out they've had electrodes hooked up to their testicles or if they've been waterboarded?

Our President has said this is all legal now. Rush Limbaugh said it was just a bunch of fraternaty pranks when our people did it... a little "blowing off some steam". What will he say if it is done to our own?

What will they say when they realize they are no longer speaking from the moral high ground, but rather from the gutter in which they put us?

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