Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ann Coulter hearts Huckabee

Ann Coulter writes in her latest column, "Huckabee... fits their (liberals) image of what an evangelical should be: stupid and easily led."

So much for that 11th RayGun Commandment thing, huh?

As much as we hate to say it, The Slobber Goddess may actually have a point here. We've always thought the Huckster is kind of a nutbar and he has had a difficult time handling anything but softballs in the so called debates.

And face it, haven't we had enough fun with Bush and Dick? President Huckabee? I don't think so.

The Democratic Party could do worse than having Mike Huckabee win the Republican nomination. The nation could do much better.

Update: According to his own staff, he doesn't know shit from shine-ola!

"The Huckster's note to self: Fire that sumbitch!"

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