Monday, May 11, 2009

Gary Sinise - The Republican Savior?

Given that Joe (not really his name) the Plumber (not really his profession) dumped the Republican Party, they are now looking for a new face... a new front man... a new savior.

In an article in
The Daily Beast, Nicolle Wallace speculates on the subject. She writes:

Republicans agree that it must be someone who can move the entire discussion into the future and away from the past. This leader must convey our party’s most essential beliefs in a way that is meaningful to all Americans: young and old; straight and gay; black and white; Spanish-speaking and Chinese-speaking; people living in cities, suburbs, and rural America, and people from coast to coast and every inch in between. Our next leader must be able to articulate a belief in America’s unique role in the world that is as relevant today as it was when our nation was founded. He or she must make clear that when the men and women of our military are on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other fronts as well, our entire nation is at war, and we must live as a nation at war.

Who is among those rising to the top of Nicolle's list? Hollywood actor, Gary Sinise. We loved him in Forest Gump. We hated him in Ransom. But, we haven't been able to get into CSI: NY.

We know Ms. Wallace is just speculating, think this well will come up dry. Just because the Republicans made a bad President out of a bad actor, doesn't mean they can make a good President out of a good actor. And Gary Sinise is a good actor that should stay one.

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