Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin: Political Suicide?

Alaskan Governor and Repubican VP Candidate, Sarah Palin announced she would step down as Governor by July 26th. In a bizzare press conference she rambled about fishing, liberal media, political junkets, being a lame duck, and presumably, the price of tea in China.

One big beef against the VP Candidate was lack of experience. If she is intending this to free her up for a 2012 Presidential run (please! please! please!), leaving failing to complete her first term as Governor wouldn't be the best way to minimize that criticism.

She never really had a chance, but she's toast now. We will wait to see what scandal she has determined is soon to be revealed and necessitated her making this leap. It has to be a scandal, because it certainly can't be perceived as a wise political move.

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