Monday, April 24, 2006


Ari Melber's, Huffington Post blog entry critical of Joe Lieberman inspired this comment by bobeedee:

18 Connecticut Reasons NOT to Vote for Joe Lieberman:
Their date of death in Iraq is listed, as is their rank.

1)Hoyt, Robert W. Specialist 11-Dec-2004
2)Brennan, William I. Chief Warrant Officer 16-Oct-2004
3)Felder, Tyanna S. Specialist 07-Apr-2004
4)Schmidt III, John T. Lance Corporal 11-May-2005
5)Hoskins, Christopher L. Specialist 21-Jun-2005
6)Paliwoda, Eric Thomas Captain 02-Jan-2004
7)Coullard, David J. Sergeant 01-Aug-2005
8)Eaton Jr., Richard S. Staff Sergeant 12-Aug-2003
9)Philippon, Lawrence R. Lance Corporal 08-May-2005
10)Dempsey, Kevin J. Corporal 13-Nov-2004
11)Vitagliano, Thomas E. Staff Sergeant 17-Jan-2005
12)Perez Jr., Wilfredo Specialist 26-Jul-2003
13)Martir, Jacob D. Specialist 18-Aug-2004
14)Delgreco, Felix M. Sergeant 09-Apr-2004
15)Braun, Jeffrey F. Private 1st Class 12-Dec-2003
16)Heald, Barbara Civilian 29-Jan-2005
17)D'Agostino, Anthony D. Private 1st Class 02-Nov-2003
18)Chanawongse, Kemaphoom, Corporal 23-Mar-2003

All dead - and for what? Not ONE Veteran in my VFW post will support Joe Lieberman.
- bobeedee, 04.24.2006

Bobeedee's comment was aimed at the Republican's favorite Democrat and Sean Hannity's boy-toy, Lieberman. But, the same statement applies on a national level for George W. Bush: "All dead - and for what?

Where are the rest of the VFW posts and post members? When are they going to start speaking out? Shouting out? Fucking screaming out?!?!

How any American that has fought for this country can defend this Imposter-In-Chief is a mystery. The latest polls have his regime relegated to a 32% low. How low will they have to go before more of our veterans stand up for what is right and start speaking the truth about this disaster?

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