Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jeb shows his true colors!

Associated Press

The issue, in part, resulted from a secret test several months ago when elections office workers hacked into a Diebold optical-scan voting system in Leon County to show that it could be made to produce false results.

"The action by the Division of Elections to limit how I can do these tests, I find an imposition on my statutory authority," said Ion Sancho, the Leon County supervisor who questioned the secretary of state's standing to make a rules change without legislative approval.

Maria Matthews, the assistant general counsel for the Division of Elections who hosted the 90-minute workshop, said the state was comfortable it had the authority to go ahead with the rule changes.

"The division probably has moved more into a regulatory role over supervisors in certain aspects," she said afterward. "We're trying to provide some uniformity in the procedures and protocols that are used when a test or an assessment is done."


When we hear the Republicans say they are "trying to provide some uniformity"... our Spidey Sense starts tingling!

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