Friday, March 09, 2007

Guckert on Coulter.... yuck!

James/Jeff Gannon/Guckert defends the Slobber Goddess.

In the same article on his blog he writes: Try being gay, conservative and Christian to see what happens! I’ve devoted an entire chapter in my forthcoming book to the “Love Letters from the Left” that I have received over the past two years. "Faggot" is one of the nicest things the hateful Lefties have called me.

J/J G/G was never attacked because he was gay, conservative and/or Christian. He was attacked because he was part of a hypocritical, White House, media plant-machine bent on distorting news comverage and feeding soft-balls to Scotty.

An aside... Guckert also shares fantasies: "gays can take to the streets in their assless chaps and nipple piercings". Now that's the James Guckert we remember!

h/t The Right's Field

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