Saturday, January 05, 2008

Newest poll: Obama soars to a 10-point lead

From the Union Leader.

A major national pollster says that Hillary Clinton has fallen well behind in New Hampshire after her third-place finish in Iowa, while John McCain now has a five-point lead over Mitt Romney.

Rasmussen Reports, in a telephone survey of 510 likely Democratic voters on Friday, found 37 percent backing Barack Obama, 27 percent for Clinton, 19 percent for John Edwards and 8 percent for Bill Richardson.

In Rasmussen's last New Hampshire polling, before Christmas, Clinton led Obama by 3 percent. Romney had a narrow lead over McCain.

Rasmussen now projects that 40 percent of the Democratic ballots and 32 percent of GOP ballots will be cast by independents, not registered party members.

This week's survey shows McCain with 31 percent, Romney at 26, Ron Paul rising to third place with 14, Iowa winner Mike Huckabee at 11, Rudy Giuliani 8, Fred Thompson 5, others 2. Three percent are undecided.

The poll's admitted margin of error is 4.5 percent.

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At 11:45 PM, Blogger bleeding blue said...

Wow, what happened in New Hampshire? There are plenty of press pundits looking pretty silly right now. It looks like Hillary is back to being "Ms. Inevitable" once again.

NH should change it's motto from "Live Free or Die" to the "Come-Back Kid State".

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Stash said...

Shory... I caht tal nw. I'm eethin crow.


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