Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Nunya Bizness".... Dino Rossi.

Rossi the Decider: "I say which questions deserve an answer"

SEATTLE – Leading up to Washington’s caucuses, Gov. Chris Gregoire was open with voters about her presidential preference in the historic 2008 election, endorsing Senator Barack Obama. In today’s presidential primary, Republican Dino Rossi continues to conceal his choice for president from Washingtonians. Why?

Has Rossi not made up his mind?

Has Rossi simply not been asked?

Is Rossi not voting, just as
he didn’t participate in a caucus? The answer:
Republican Dino Rossi has decided his presidential preference, but flatly refuses to disclose who he’s supporting. After being asked repeatedly by the Seattle Times’ David Postman, Rossi stuck to his policy of only answering media questions he decides deserve an answer.
(Questions Rossi doesn’t want to answer constitute the media and others conspiring to “knock him off message.”)

Postman: “Rossi wouldn’t tell me who he backs for president. He said he’d vote in Tuesday’s primary, but said in a couple of different ways that he had no interest in letting me know his choice among the Republican field. … He said he will ‘stay on message’ no matter what. And the presidential race isn’t part of that.”
Recently, Rossi also flatly refused an interview regarding his views on Plan B contraception, likely due to fears of discussing his extreme social agenda that threatens to eliminate a woman’s right to choose in pro-choice Washington state.
By contrast, in a February 8th AP interview, Gov. Gregoire noted that taking a stand in the Democratic nomination wasn’t an easy decision, but was one where she owed it to Washingtonians to be open and honest.

“Lots of people said, 'Just stay out of it,' said Gregoire. But all of my friends are going to caucus on Saturday and will be asked to make up their mind, so why shouldn't I?”

While it is certainly true that Republican wannabee, Dino Rossi's opinion on pretty much anything is irrelevent, it is refreshing to have any candidate and a Republican candidate actually admit it.


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