Sunday, July 05, 2009

There are rumors, Sarah!

UPDATE 7/7/2009:

Letterman eviscerates Palin -


Sarah Palin's lawyers threatened to sue Shannyn Moore for writing about rumors regarding Palin's hasty exit from her Alaskan gubenatorial duties.

Well, just like Jeanne Devon, known as AKMuckraker, it has to be said:



A rumor: Embezzlement charges? Another day in the life of a quitter.

UPDATE 7/6/09:

In the wake of Governor Palin stepping down from her job, new allegations have surfaced today in Alaska charging Palin with additional violations of the Alaska Executive Ethics Act.

Zane Henning -- a conservative government watchdog from the governor's hometown of Wasilla and an oilfield worker on Alaska's North Slope -- asserts in a letter to Alaska Attorney General Daniel S. Sullivan that Palin has "been charging and pocketing per diem to live in her home and has used the process for a personal gain since being elected."

From Geoffrey Dunn on HuffPo

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