Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What if they gave a party and no one came?

R. J. Crane at Topplebush.com is suggesting the Democrats walk out of the State of the Union address.

Now, we at The Whirlpool think a walkout would be interesting. But, would rather have the Dems "Stand up for Democracy". Instead of walking out, they should just not sit down at all. Stand during the entire speech. The Wrong Wing couldn't call attention to the cry-baby Dems walking out. Rather, they would be panning the crowd the entire time with Democrats "Standing up for Democracy". The cameras would catch people in the gallery "Standing up for Democracy" as well. They should all be wearing their "Stand up for Democracy" buttons.

Better yet, there could be twenty or thirty different buttons! There could be, "Torture is not American" and "No spying without a warrant! "and "We got rid of King George once, we can do it again!" and many, many others. The cameras would be spending more time looking for the different sayings than watching Bush.

Let's face it. If a hooded Iraqi prisoner can stand on a box indefinately with electrodes attached to his testicles, Harry Reid can stand for a 35 minute Dubya speech.

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