Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hannity and Whodafukwazat?!?!?

We don't know a lot about Kirsten Powers, but we're looking forward to learning more. She substituted for milktoast Hannity-Sockpuppet, Alan Colmes Thursday.

Kirsten kicked Ann Coulter’s ass and sent the bitch packing. She gave the Slobber Goddess a taste of Hannity’s medicine: she interrupted Ann a few times and cut her off when she diverted from the question. Ann left the show! The Bitch got up and left the show!

It was great. Kirsten cut to the Democrat strategist and Coulter, on a split screen was babbling, “I know you’re trying to act like Colmes but even Alan lets me answer.” This comment after Hannity interrupted the Democrat a dozen times and never did let him answer. As the camera cuts away, you can hear the Slobber Goddess mumbling, “Shawn? Shawn? Really? Are you serious?”

Sweet. Get rid of the Scarecrow and put this broad on full time!

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