Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Republicans vote against National Security

S.Amdt. 4936 failed on a party line vote.

The Bill Title: To provide real national security, restore United States leadership, and implement tough and smart policies to win the war on terror should cause The Battle Hymn of the Republic to start playing in the background.

While forty-one Democrat Patriots voted to support Harry Reid's bill, Republicans voted for the terrorists and against the legislation.

This would have to be a significant reason why the terrorists want the Republicans and George W. Bush to remain in control in Washington: they'll stop any grand notions of winning this conflict.

Why do these Republicans hate America?

Why are Republicans so weak on National Security?

Why won't Republicans support policies designed to win the war on terror?

Even outgoing Senator Joe Leiberman voted to support this wise legislation. But, Republicans one-by-one followed Majority Leader Frist's partisan instructions to defeat the bill and continue the failed, "Stay the Course" policies.

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