Friday, January 09, 2009

Hey, Obama. Where's Howard Dean?

There is a little fuss here and there regarding President-elect Barack Obama's picks for his Cabinet. There have been mumblings about not-enough _____(fill in the blank with under-represented group of choice).

The most visible absence from his cabinet, however, is a representative from a most elite group that played one of, if not the most significant role in his election. That is, a representative from the group of DNC Chairs with the successful 50 State Strategy that made a Democratic candidate viable in former staunch Republican states. That, of course, is a group of one... outgoing DNC Chair, Howard Dean.

Dean was not invited to the announcement of Tim Kaine as his successor. He has not been offered a Cabinet position in the new administration. Obama has overtly snubbed Howard Dean for some unknown reason.

If anyone deserves the reward of a position in the Obama Cabinet, it is Howard Dean. What gives, President-elect Obama? Why?

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