Friday, January 16, 2009

Pilot: A real hero.

We've seen recent discussons regarding who is or how one becomes a "hero". The recent successful ditching of Flight 1549 by pilot Chesley B. (Sulley) Sullenberger III helps illustrate the answer.

New York Mayor Bloomberg comments on Sulley's actions.

His neighbors think highly of him and were not surprised by his heroic actions:

From an LA Times article

Frank Salzmann, one of Sullenberger's neighbors in Danville, a suburb east of San Francisco, said he was not at all surprised to hear Sullenberger was the pilot who landed the US Airways jet safely, calling him a "very calm, in-control and in-charge type."

"When you think of a captain of an airline, you pretty much think of Sully," said Salzmann, 45, a software engineer.

"It was just the right guy at the right time and at the right moment," added neighbor Jim Walberg. "Everybody is so proud and grateful and relieved."

He noted that Sullenberger, a humble man, would probably chafe at being called a hero.

"It's a name he will not take very easily," Walberg said.

We read that Captain Sullenberger was the last one off the plane and walked the aisle twice to ensure all were off safely before leaving himself. 155 out of 155 are alive and well due to his skillful and heroic actions... not a bad day's work.

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