Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jesse Ventura, newest Wrong Wing Target

First, the former Governor of Minnesota confirms water boarding is torture to Larry King. "Give me Dick Cheney on a water board and one hour and I'll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders."

That wasn't enough so he eats Elizabeth Hasselbeck for lunch (or would that breakfast?) on The View. "It seems we only water board Muslims."

Faux News wants a shot at him so he graciously eviscerates Brainless Kilmeade. "Why don't you serve then?", he asked the bumbling sidekick.

And, of course never seeing a parade he could jump in front of, Joe Scarborough talks tough as long as Jesse's not around.

But, the biggest weasel of all, Sean Hannity gets schooled on how to be agressive in an interview.

The Wrong Wing will keep up the attack until the are convinced the public has been successfully duped or until the public lets them know it's not working. With the Republican Party's poll numbers at the lowest since 1983, may the public is starting to let them know.

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